EAWarehouse is focused on one thing, getting it done. We understand that you have a business to run and expect technology to support your business, not become your business.

We utilise developers off-shore in India to keep costs low and to allow quick team scaling and shrinking when necessary. All projects are managed from South Africa so the complexities of off-shoring are kepy away from you. We have over 8 years of successfully working with off-shore teams. 

No matter where you are situated in the world, EAWarehouse can deliver.

Services we offer:

Rapid Application Development

Software development does not need to be a long complex process with failure at the end. Our process is to understand the requirements, prototype the solution visually to solidify the requirement and deliver iteratively. As soon as a piece of the software is ready and usable we will deliver it.

This process makes software development very transparent and significantly reduces the risk of having a solution that does not meets your need delivered.

IPhone and Android Development

Being effective while mobile is a key requirement these days. Allow us to help make your people and processes mobile with applications on IPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

IT Consulting

We have over 18 years worth of IT experience. Our knowledge of Software, Hardware, database management systems and a myriad of off the shelf packages will allow us to advise you on what you need but always focusing on the business itself and not just moving to the latest technology because it's new.

Project Management

Any project undertaken by us is formally project managed. We can also assist in managing other software projects you may have and help get them back on track. Our focus is on Rapid delivery and we take that mantra into every project we are involved with.

Business Analysis

With our many years of working in different organisations and running projects we have the ability to gather business requirements, extract the detail of the requirement and then convert the requirement into something unambiguous that developers can use. This ensures the requirement is met and development is faster.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is the physical documenting and mapping of your Business Entities, Processes and technologies and showing the links between them. This documentation is incredibly powerful as at a glance all dependencies in your organisation are visible. For example, if a business process was to change you could immediately see the impact to departments, other processes and IT systems.

Process Automation

With technology available today, all or part of your Business Processes can be automated. We can analyse your processes, recommend where technology can be used to automate and allow you to use your people on more complex tasks therefore saving you money.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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